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Only Those Who See Take Off Their Shoes: Seeing the Classroom as a Spiritual Space

by Frances Schoonmaker - 2009
In this article, literature on children's spirituality is juxtaposed with the author's personal experiences as a classroom teacher and researcher to make an argument for public school classrooms as spiritual spaces.

Promise and Possibility: Learning to Teach

by Frances Schoonmaker - 1998
This article discusses aspects of teacher preparation and reflective teaching.

Curriculum Making, Models, Practices, and Issues: A Knowledge Fetish?

by Frances Schoonmaker - 2001
In this chapter, I focus on Yearbooks that seem most related to curriculum as a distinct field of study. This not only includes those volumes with the word curriculum in the titlethese are fewbut those dealing with materials of instruction (including textbooks and technologies), developmental and learning theory, models and methods, and issues connected to curriculum. The Twenty-sixth Yearbook is placed in a positioning point, with contributions before and after viewed in terms of its legacy. Of particular interest is tracing the separation of instruction from curriculum as the curriculum field developed. For many educators and educational researchers curriculum came to be seen as a design process, and instruction as the implementation of methods and strategies designed to teach a curriculum. The implications of this separation were profound and shaped how we have come to understand curriculum-making, models, issues, and practices, particularly as these affect the role of the teacher.

Doctor of Education Project Reports: A Study of Art Education Requirements of Four-Year Institutions in the Education of the Elementary Classroom Teacher

by Mayo J. Bryce - 1950
The problem of this study is to ascertain the amount, the type, and the quality of art training required of prospective elementary teachers in the four-year education curricula of teacher-training institutions, and to offer recommendations for improvement.

Living Faithfully: The Transformation of Washington School

reviewed by Robert J. Starratt - December 01, 2013


Recent Doctoral Studies: Social and Emotional Adjustments of Regularly Promoted and Non-Promoted Pupils

by Adolph A. Sandin - 1944
This study deals with characteristics of the behavior, social adjustments, and attitudes of children who had been non-promoted one or more times during their school careers as compared with their regularly promoted classmates.

More Fiction Urged for Boys and Girls

by Teachers College in the News - 1932
Teachers College in the News. From the New York Times.

Present to Possibility: Spiritual Awareness and Deep Teaching

by Lisa J. Miller - 2009
This article is an introduction to the Teachers College Record special section, "Present to Possibility: The Classroom as a Spiritual Space."

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