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Alumni Activities: Annual Reunion of the Alumni Association

by Alumni notes - 1916
About seven hundred alumni attended the annual reunion and conferences of the Alumni Association held at the College on' Friday and Saturday, February 18-19.

The Shakespeare Exhibit: Elizabethan Furniture and Textile Designs

by La Monte A. Warner - 1916
Then aboute IX of the clocke, the Kinge and Quene, with her ladies and gentlewomen, brought the sayde Lorde Grautehuse to three Chambres of Pleasance, all hanged with whyte sylke and lynnen clothe, and all the floures couered with carpettes.

Whither Schools in Britain: England Can Teach America

by Frederick L. Redefer - 1943
IN ENGLAND THERE IS TREMENDOUS interest in the peace among the common people. The rationing of food and clothing, longer hours of work, after-hour duties on the Home Front, higher taxes, queue lines for buses, newspapers and the simplest necessities of life are borne with a minimum of complaint or wrangling because they are the price that Englishmen are willing to pay to beat "Jerry." But for the price of war sacrifices, the common man of England will demand a better country, better wages and better living in the post-war era. I heard such statements in pubs and restaurants, in railway trains and in private homes.

Whither Schools in Britain: Landmark in English Education

by H.C. Dent - 1943
Proposals of Britain's Government for reconstructing a publicly provided system of education in England and Wales, published in a White Paper July 16, constitute a landmark in English education.

College News and Departmental Notes

by Departmental notes - 1915
By the new agreement made last June between Columbia University and Teachers College, it was provided that a department of educational research should be established in the Faculty of Philosophy to have charge of those candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy specializing in education who choose to emphasize pure scholarship instead of stressing the professional phases of teaching or educational administration.

College News and Departmental Notes: Part 4

by Departmental notes - 1915
A new agreement defining the relations between Columbia University and Teachers College was made early in June between the Trustees of the two corporations.

Organization in American Education

by John Dewey - 1916
This is a stenographic report of the second of a series of addresses given before the staff of Teachers College.

Cultural Unity and Diversity in New States

by Charles C. Moskos, Jr. & Wendell Bell - 1965
An analysis of the difficulties posed by cultural pluralism. Human diversity is a source of human problems. Like most treasures, the great advantages of individual and cultural differences are not had without cost and control. Nowhere is this poignant aspect of the human condition more apparent than in the newly emerging nations, where education is relied upon as a primary tool for achievement of cultural unity.

Making Sense of School Sanctioning Policies in Urban High Schools: Charting the Depth and Drift of School and Classroom Change

by Dorothea Anagnostopoulos & Stacey A. Rutledge - 2007
This article examines the implementation of a school sanctioning policy in two urban high schools. Drawing on a cultural sociological perspective, the authors trace the explanations and remedies of school and course failure that faculty in both schools enacted in response to the sanctioning policy. The authors conclude that although the policy prompted faculty efforts to improve schoolwide tests scores, it had little impact on how principals and teachers understood and responded to the difficulties that students encountered in their academic courses. Although principals viewed course failure as largely intractable, teachers attributed a moral causality to it, locating its cause and responsibility in their students moral deficiencies. The study thus raises questions about for what and to whom sanctioning policies ultimately hold schools accountable.

The Fourth R: The Arts and Learning

by Jaye T. Darby & James S. Catterall - 1994
Sprinkled throughout education journals and books is a lively discourse about the importance of the arts in every child's education. However, most of this work has been addressed to the already committed: arts educators and educationists focused on arts education. The purpose of this article is to bring together recent theories, research, and developments in arts education in order to broaden the base of discourse.

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