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Volume 120, Number 9 (2018)

by Karen Brennan, Sarah Blum-Smith & Maxwell M. Yurkofsky
This study examines Massive Open Online Courses as a medium for supporting teacher professional learning. The authors present qualities that teachers found meaningful in an online learning experience, offering heuristics that designers might consider when designing for their specific contexts.
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by Alyssa Hadley Dunn
This article explores the new phenomenon of teachers’ public resignation letters, including the reasons that teachers leave and how those reasons are connected to neoliberal reforms and policies.
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by Alex Kumi-Yeboah
This study examines the factors that helped Ghanaian-born immigrant students to strategize how to combine their multiple worlds of families, schools, teachers, and peers to affect academic engagement within contexts of school and classroom situations. It also explored teachers’ perception and understanding of the sociocultural and past educational experiences of immigrant students from Ghana.
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by Leslie R. Zenk & Karen R. Seashore Louis
This paper extends the perspective that institutional missions serve many purposes within universities, and suggests a broader set of functions for missions at master’s- granting institutions that are revealed through metaphor.
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by Beth A. Herbel-Eisenmann, Lindsay Keazer & Anne Traynor
In this article we explore equity issues related to school district decision-making about students’ opportunities to learn algebra through analysis of a large-scale survey. We examine the extent to which district decision-makers for mathematics attend to aspects of equity when they make decisions about resources related to the teaching and learning of algebra.
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by Saskias Casanova, Keon M. McGuire & Margary Martin
This paper provides findings from a study that examined students’ immediate responses to microaggressions observed in three community colleges. Our findings show how microaggressions and student responses contribute to and undermine students’ learning experiences.
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by Jason Huff, Courtney Preston, Ellen B. Goldring & J. Edward Guthrie
We ask the question: What distinguishes leaders’ practices in more effective high schools from those in less effective high schools that serve large proportions of at-risk youth? We identified a total of four more and less effective high schools using value-added scores (two of each), and we then analyzed interview, observational, and survey data collected in the schools to compare and contrast how leaders support key practices and organizational routines by their staff.
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by Brady K. Jones
This article explores the role of personality in teacher retention using a rich set of quantitative and qualitative measures. The author finds that despite stereotypes of American teachers as unambitious, a “special kind of ambition," self-promotion coupled with a commitment to others, predicts a long-term commitment to the occupation.
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