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Volume 120, Number 8 (2018)

by Amy Stornaiuolo & T. Philip Nichols
In order to examine the opportunities and challenges of integrating makerspaces into schools, this article focuses on how a new urban public high school created a media production lab to put making practices at the center of teaching and learning. Findings from the study reveal that while the media makerspace helped some students develop, expand, and mobilize audiences and resources using new tools and networks, the making practices of the lab sat in uneasy alignment with the institutional arrangements of school, particularly for students who have been historically marginalized, disenfranchised, or alienated in schools.
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by Elizabeth Graue, Sharon Ryan, Bethany Wilinski, Kaitlin Northey & Amato Nocera
In this paper, we examine public PreK policy enactment through a study of New Jersey’s highly regulated PreK program and Wisconsin’s locally determined, mid-regulation 4K program. Early learning standards were only part of the complex architecture that structures PreK experience, with K–12 accountability a growing force.
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by Kenneth E. Graves & Alex J. Bowers
The purpose of this study is to investigate the extent to which there is a typology of teachers use technology using a nationally generalizable dataset from the National Center of Education Statistics. We use latent class analysis to identify four significantly different technology-using teacher subgroups, Dexterous (24.4%), Evaders (22.2%), Assessors (28.4%), and Presenters (24.8%), and find that several covariates, such as socioeconomic status, predicted teachers’ membership in these subgroups.
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by Wayne Journell
This article uses three commonly cited criteria for evaluating the controversial nature of issues to determine whether educators should frame the issue of marriage equality as controversial following the 2015 landmark ruling in Obergefell v Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. An analysis of each criterion suggests that the issue of marriage equality has tipped to the point where it should be taught as a settled issue and that there is no rational reason to consider opposing viewpoints as legitimate within the setting of public K–12 education.
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by Hosun Kang & Mark Windschitl
This study problematizes the current idiosyncratic nature of clinical experiences provided for most pre-service teachers during the initial preparation period and its consequential impact on the learning of pre-service teachers and their future students in classrooms.
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by Julie E. Learned
This article reports on a yearlong qualitative study of ninth graders identified as struggling readers. Analysis showed that youths tended to participate in limiting contexts that positioned them as deficient readers regardless, sometimes, of skilled, engaged reading, but when classroom contexts focused on disciplinary literacy and building trusting relationships, youths positioned themselves as readers and learners.
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by Cassie L. Barnhardt, Amanda Mollet, Carson W. Phillips, Ryan L. Young & Jessica K. E. Sheets
This study explores the ways in which senior campus leaders’ public advocacy shapes the extent to which campus community members perceive the climate as diverse and inclusive. Data are drawn from the Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory, a national campus climate survey.
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by Douglas Yacek
Should public school teachers be armed? This article investigates the ethical implications of the growing phenomenon of armed public school teachers.
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