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Volume 120, Number 7 (2018)

by Richard Welsh & Michelle Hall
This article provides a descriptive analysis of the role of interest groups in education reform in post-Katrina New Orleans and documents how the portfolio management model changed the landscape of education politics, with a focus on the actors, both local and national, that sustain the portfolio management model.
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by Yoonjeon Kim
To gain a more holistic understanding of classroom life and instructional practices in East Asian countries, this article paper examines both the prevalence and distribution of complex, procedural, student-centered, and teacher-centered instruction, along with the estimated achievement effects of such practices within nations. The analytic strategy focuses on variation in classroom practices within East Asian countries, as opposed to past approaches that stress between-country variability. By taking a fresh analytic approach, the study reassesses long-held stereotypes about classroom practices in East Asian countries and presents a more complete evidence that may be useful for further research and policy discussions.
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by Adam Howard, Katy Swalwell & Karlyn Adler
This article examines young children’s understandings of social class as reflected in their drawings depicting differences between rich and poor people. This article explores children’s complex sociocultural insights into how class operates that manifest through their classmaking process.
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by Mike Metz
In this comparative case study, the author examines how teacher educators’ personal histories shape opportunities to learn about social justice in teacher education courses. The study expands the way teacher educators are considered in research on teacher education, and highlights the importance of looking beyond course descriptions and course syllabi for evidence of what gets taught in teacher education courses.
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by Jane McCamant
This article uses a historical case study to consider the susceptibility to “scale-up” of education reforms that seek primarily to teach character or disposition.
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by Jessica Halliday Hardie
This article uses data from 61 in-person interviews and data drawn from the Education Longitudinal Study to examine how social class stratifies adolescents’ use of school-based social ties and the resources they receive from these school-based ties. Findings from this study have implications for social class inequality and the contributions schools make to this inequality, as well as the role schools could play in alleviating some of these inequalities.
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by Thomas M. Smith, Laura Neergaard Booker, Eric D. Hochberg & Laura Desimone
We investigate the relationship between organizational supports—including mentoring, professional development, collaboration, and leadership support—provided to beginning middle school mathematics teachers and the extent to which these teachers implement reform-oriented math instruction. Data from a mixed-methods longitudinal study of beginning middle school math teachers enable us to examine the change in instructional quality over time as a function of the level of, and change in, organizational supports.
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