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Volume 120, Number 4 (2018)

by Katherine K. Delaney & Susan B. Neuman
This article examines how local and national media sources framed early childhood educational policy in the case of the scale-up of Universal Pre-Kindergarten in New York City. Using rhetorical analysis, the authors identify the key narratives used to frame the scale-up of UPK, and examine what implications this framing has for public understandings of early childhood educational policies and practices.
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by Lori A. Delale-O'Connor
In this article, I explore the differences across parental narratives about school choice among an often-overlooked population—defaulters (sometimes called “nonchoosers”). To better explain how people come to the default option, I examine families’ inclination to choose, capacity for choice, and school preferences to create a framework of defaulters.
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by Amanda Datnow, Bailey Choi, Vicki Park & Elise St. John
This article examines how teachers talk about student ability and achievement in the era of data-driven decision making and how their talk is shaped by the context in which they work.
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by Gina A. Garcia & Marcela Cuellar
This study explores the ways in which emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions, or those postsecondary institutions that enroll between 15% and 24% Latina/o college students, contribute to civic engagement for diverse college students. Findings show that students’ perceptions of their academic validation and of a curriculum of inclusion in the classroom, as well as their involvement in campus-facilitated diversity programs, positively predict their civic engagement.
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by Yasuko Kanno
This longitudinal ethnographic study follows the college choice experiences of two-high performing English learners (ELs) from junior year to high school graduation. It investigates why even high-achieving ELs have limited access to four-year college.
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by Ui Jeong Moon & Sandra Hofferth
This study examined whether the benefits of computer access observed in the general U.S. population were also applicable to children from immigrant families in the early 2000s. Our findings suggest that gaining computer access in the late 1990s/early 2000s was associated with greater mathematics achievement. The findings may help researchers understand potential influences of media that are currently popular.
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by Robert K. Toutkoushian, Robert A. Stollberg & Kelly A. Slaton
In this study, we used data from the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 to determine if the way in which researchers define first-generation college students (FGCS) matters with regard to its connections to the postsecondary aspirations and actions of students. We find that FGCS face deficits relative to non-FGCS in aspirations and enrollment and that the associations vary considerably by how FGCS is defined.
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by Mavis G. Sanders
This article draws from the literature on cross-boundary leadership, relational leadership, and relational trust, and qualitative data from a multiple case study to explore the role of principals in the administration of full-service community schools. These schools rely on family engagement and community partnerships to provide extended services and learning opportunities for children and youth in low-income, ethnically diverse communities.
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