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Volume 120, Number 10 (2018)

by Mike Rose
This article is an appeal born out of my writing and teaching experience for a publicly engaged education scholarship.
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by D. Brent Edwards Jr. & Stephanie M. Hall
This article sheds light on teacher management and strategies for resource acquisition within charter schools, based on a case study of the “concession schools” charter school program in Bogotá, Colombia. The study shows that while charter school teachers in Bogotá feel that many aspects of their work environment are positive, charter schools use the flexibility afforded to them around employment to spend half as much on teachers, though these schools simultaneously employ a range of strategies to access additional resources for other aspects of the education they provide.
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by Xueli Wang, Kelly Wickersham, Yen Lee & Hsun-Yu Chan
This study examines community college student success through the lens of social capital, including the role of age in shaping the sources and influences of social capital.
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by Ethan W. Ris
Between 1895 and 1920, a cohort of business, philanthropic, and academic leaders wielding tremendous wealth and power sought to reshape the form and function of American higher education. Their efforts were largely unsuccessful, but studying them helps us understand the recurrent impulse to reform America’s colleges and universities.
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by Benjamin Michael Superfine & David S. Woo
This study examines the intersection of the public/private distinction in U.S. law and policy, and the shifting political positions of teacher unions and charter school proponents, in courts and agencies. In addition to examining the history of the public/private distinction in U.S. law and policy and specifically in education, this study includes an in-depth analysis of three recent decisions involving charter schools and teacher unions in which courts and agencies determined whether charter schools were public or private organizations.
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by Amy C. Hutchison & Lindsay Woodward
This study explored how a yearlong professional development model guided by the Technology Integration Planning Cycle supported teachers’ technology integration efforts. Teachers’ progress as well as student performance are discussed.
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by Maria M. Lewis
This article examines the implementation of a provision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that relates to student discipline.
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by Eleanor Craft & Aimee Howley
This qualitative interview study explored how nine African American students in secondary-level special education placements perceived their school experiences and the benefits, challenges, and detriments associated with their placements and accompanying disability labels. Two themes emerged from data analysis: (1) “students’ journeys from general education to special education had three predictable milestones” and (2) “special education was a dead end.”
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