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Qualifying for Gifted Education

Posted By: Elizabeth Miller on September 21, 2005
I live in somewhat rural California where all the districts are one school districts. For the GATE program we go together with other one school districts and have a "consortium". We are currently in a dilema. We have written into our plan three ways to qualify for GATE: 1) a qualifying score on the OLSAT; 2) just below that qualifying score on the OLSAT plus a 90th percentile on a standardized score from the prior school year; and 3) SST. Our problem is the #2 way to qualify. Our districts no longer give the norm referenced test in all grades. Only grades 3 and 7 give the test. This works well if I am qualifying a 4th grader or an 8th grader. We have the CST to look at but that is not norm referenced. The scores on the CST and the CAT6 don't seem to correlate. Any ideas on how other districts are qualifying their students for GATE? I would appreciate any ideas.
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 Qualifying for Gifted Education by Elizabeth Miller on September 21, 2005
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