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"The Value of Research in Education" by Thorndike

Posted By: Martha Casas on June 23, 2003
This article is interesting from an historical standpoint. We don't read much about Thorndike or Skinner anymore. So, reading the title of Thorndike's article on the home page of TCR caught my eye immediately. Also, the fact that I am an historian played a part I'm sure.

Thorndike's desire for involving the use of scientific method in educational research is clearly evident. I wonder what he would think of the educational research being conducted now in universities across the nation? Let me leave you with this little historical tidbit. The idea of designing programmed textbooks for learning can be traced back to Thorndike. Most people credit the programmer's of the 1960s for the concept of programmed textbooks, but I found a description for designing such texbooks in Thorndike's publications.
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 "The Value of Research in Education" by Thorndike by Martha Casas on June 23, 2003
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