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Read a Post for Four Chinese ELLs: Their School Experiences and Journeys in Pursuing the American Dream
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Thank you for the review - Several Charities

Posted By: Nan Li on December 28, 2020
Thank you for the review. Several charities are to be pointed out on this book.

First, this book is written for ALL teachers as stated in Preface, under who are the audience (p.2) --so it is not just for ESL teachers. Due to the rapid increase in the ELL school population, every teacher needs to know how to work with ELLs. That''s also the purpose of this book to help all P-12 teachers to understand ELLs and better work them in classrooms.

Second, the teaching tips are provided as general strategies for all teachers that can be used for all ELLs. That means that they are not particularly for the Chinese ELLs. In other words, this longitude study with four cases is intended to provide useful information from all teachers and thus strategies are generated for the same purpose.

Third, as the review states, readers will be amazed at the fact that the researchers obtained substantial data from parents whose language barrier impacted communication and the parent interviews did take place in Chinese with the help of the researchersí linguistic capital that played a significant role in data collection.

Thank you again for the review. This book is an excellent example of collective case studies, which, unlike a single case study, present multiple cases and pursue a depth of analysis as well as a breadth of analysis. It is a great read for all teachers!
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 Thank you for the review - Several Charities by Nan Li on December 28, 2020
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