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A World of Technology

Posted By: Paige Galgano on March 22, 2020
Today, especially in college, all we see in work being done online. If students are not studying for exams, writing papers, doing research, they are using them within the classroom to take notes. And if they are not within a classroom they still are permitted to learn via technology.

Technology has become a wonderful thing in the world of education, making it easier not only for student but for teachers too. Both now have the ability to have access to their needs at their fingertips within the matter of seconds.

But, I believe that technology has come in the way of real learning. Being a student at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), over my past four years I have realized more and more that professors are banning technology from their classrooms, and saying it puts a "cap" on how much students can truly learn, not allowing them to reach their true potential. As a generation Z, for the most part I am engaged in my phone or computer most of the day but when it comes to education I agree. I feel as though technology can be harmful towards a students learning, now allowing it to be stored into their memories and also creating distractions if they are bored and not engaged with a lecture or topic.

From my experience, I have found it much more benefiting using the old fashioned way, a pencil and a piece of paper.
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 A World of Technology by Paige Galgano on March 22, 2020
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