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One man's view?

Posted By: Ross Mitchell on July 23, 2019
I am grateful for a clear review of the content covered and a strong sense of the author's perspective.

My key concern, however, is to make clear whether this book should be assumed to be more than the wise counsel of a mentor with whom we may never have personal interaction. I do not perceive direct attention to this concern, though that is my sense from the review.

That is, I infer that this book might be best described as a reflective memoir written by someone who understands both scholarship and teaching, as well as the role of administration. But, I wish this had been stated clearly. Or, if my inference is wrong, a clear statement of the genre to which this book belongs is needed.

Given that this is likely to be a reflective memoir, does it contain the observations of others with which to compare the author's opinions about how the academy operates? Are there any references to the literature? Is there a widely accepted inquiry method articulated, so a reader may know if the author's observations are more than idiosyncratically assembled for rhetorical purposes? Or, is this an intelligent collection of "war stories" assembled to illustrate the opinions of a prudent philosopher?

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 One man's view? by Ross Mitchell on July 23, 2019
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