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Read a Post for Demoralized: Why Teachers Leave the Profession They Love and How They Can Stay
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Posted By: Joie Nearn on March 19, 2019
I have always had a passion of helping people. I have always valued education and the impact that it has had on my life. My senior year of high school, I was privileged with the opportunity of student assistant teaching an African American history class. That positive experience of sharing and guiding high school freshman, helped make the decision to study secondary education at the Pennsylvania State University. I entered the program and became aware of all the certifications, gpa requirements and lack of high salary, I then knew this was not the career path for me. There was a lack of diversity in the program as well which also discouraged me from wanted to continue the teaching track. At the end of my second semester, I then found the Education and Public Policy program. I then knew, that this was the correct way for me to have proper influence on school students. I can integrate my value of fair public education and new found love for politics. I hope to work for a non-profit organization that promotes fair and equitable public education in urban areas, such as Philadelphia. Later, in hope of owning my own education consulting firm which will help organize student and parents in educational planning.
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 My Experience by Joie Nearn on March 19, 2019  * 
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