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corroboration of allegations

Posted By: tom cockburn on October 5, 2018

I agree that some moral education to try to build decent values is imperative for any schooling, not just for the privileged. I also believe that some corroborative evidence is required before accepting any allegations are true. Perhaps I missed these details in news coverage and you can enlighten me as to what that corroboration is for the alleged assault 35 years ago? Has the ´other person´ in the room testified to corroborate the assault? If so, then Kavanaugh has to be dealt with as any other attacker.

If there is no corroboration however, then he must be given the benefit of the doubt as it remains an unproven allegation prompting people to just pick a side they want to believe; the alleged victim or the alleged attacker. That includes those writing commentaries based upon unverified or scant public detail so far provided. That the accused is innocent until proven guilty, is a fundamental element in the rule of law in democracies.

Demonstrations by partisan groups or biased reporting by media hacks eager for a scoop -on either side- or social media hashtag protests- are not corroboration or proof of guilt. Both parties have been heard and the FBI has been involved albeit with a limited scope of investigation.
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 corroboration of allegations by tom cockburn on October 5, 2018
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