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Posted By: Matthew Knoester on January 17, 2018
Thank you for reviewing our book. Your own work has raised important questions about the current uses of standardized tests and we agree with many of your concerns about their misuses in schools. However, we want to point out that, in fact, we did write, “there have always been well-established learning theorists, psychometricians, and educators who have argued strongly against the use of standardized testing for high-stakes educational decisions (p. 119).” We also argued, on pp. 10-11, that there are positive uses of standardized testing, including those used on the basis of sampling and without high-stakes decisions tied to their scores. The main focus of our book, however, is that assessment should be aligned with the central purposes of educating for democracy and that transparency and discussion about how to interpret assessment results are valuable aspects of assessment. Unfortunately, standardized tests mask too many of the elements necessary to accomplish this. The examples used in our book highlight these uses. Deborah Meier and Matthew Knoester
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 Respectfully by Matthew Knoester on January 17, 2018
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