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Read a Post for Assessing and Resolving California's Growing Teacher Shortage Crisis
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Posted By: Timothy Duggan on April 23, 2017
I find it ironic that much of the research cited in this article related to declines in enrollment in teacher preparation programs was co-conducted by Linda Darling-Hammond. In light of her research, I wonder whether Ms. Darling-Hammond has considered the role that she herself has played in the decline by developing and promoting the edTPA through SCALE and Pearson. This monolithic, inappropriate corporate albatross hung around the necks of many teacher preparation programs, and therefore hung around the necks of pre-service teachers, has led to more candidates self-terminating their student teaching in the program at my university than we've had in the past. Perhaps one way to reverse the trend away from robust teacher prep enrollment would be to de-corporatize teacher licensing and allow critical field experiences to focus instead on building relationships with students around meaningful learning in the classroom.

Tim Duggan
Northeastern Illinois University
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 Irony by Timothy Duggan on April 23, 2017
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