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Read a Post for Now What, Professor? Three Ways a Trump Presidency Could Be Good for American Education
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The Cure Can Be Worse Than the Disease

Posted By: Maurice Elias on January 8, 2017
I agree with all of the insightful comments about the problems of our educational system and how the new President could be good for education. But somehow, the argument sounds a little bit like how a meteor hitting the earth might be helpful to the dinosaurs, disrupting a failing ecology. Backward design would not lead to the solution of Donald Trump as the Education Reform President, and certainly not the designated Secretary of Education as the instrument of that reform.

I think it is important to look realistically at how we can redress the three problems that have been raised, foremost within the existing child advocacy community and beyond. Initiatives such as the recent World Economic Forum report are pointing to the need for a change in approach. We should not have to rely on government to lead the change, and, indeed we cannot do so now.
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 The Cure Can Be Worse Than the Disease by Maurice Elias on January 8, 2017
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