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Read a Post for Evidence of Grade and Subject-Level Bias in Value-Added Measures
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* VAM Sham BAM

Posted By: Dick Schutz on June 9, 2015
"Bias" doesn't really convey the enormity of the matter. The four little tables are evidence of "injustice," "inequity," "unfairness" inflicted by VAM on teachers, schools, and citizenry. VAM operates with high-sounding but hollow terms--value added, hierarchical linear models, algebraic equations with Greek letters and complex subscripts. But when the statistical puff is scraped away, what is left is the evidence in the four tables the article presents.

The VAM sham is unintended, but that makes it no less detrimentally consequential. VAM is just the leading edge of the unintended chicanery. The implications extend to the whole of the US "standards-standardized tests-sanctions" pre-collegiate education policy. BAM!
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 VAM Sham BAM by Dick Schutz on June 9, 2015  * 
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