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Read a Post for Who’s Preparing our Candidates? edTPA, Localized Knowledge and the Outsourcing of Teacher Evaluation
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Cottage Industry

Posted By: John Somers on April 4, 2015
The schema of teacher credentialing would need to undergo a transformation if education preparation programs solely kept control of the process. That is, the EPP would need to track candidates into the profession & collaborate with school personnel to determine who is qualified for licensure recommendation. It would seem that three years would be needed to vet this process. I am not suggesting a capitulation to recent CAEP inanity, but it would take a Herculean effort to keep the process in-house in order to ensure that our candidates meet a 360 degree assessment of competency. If we cannot manage such a feat, then we invite EdTPA's and other Pearson content and pedagogy tests to replace what we (EPP) are not able to do. I do think that regional scoring of EdTPA portfolios might off-set the cottage industries and provide more local control of the process. Regional scoring by faculty would also enable greater insight into program improvement and collaboration across EPP's.
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 Cottage Industry by John Somers on April 4, 2015
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