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Read a Post for In Re Lamento: An Honest But Unfortunate Debtor Is Entitled To Sleep At Night Without Worrying About Unpayable Student-Loan Debt
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This is extremely unfair and unimaginable

Posted By: Bonnie Sonnek on February 27, 2015
There are millions of us baby boomers who are slugging away trying to repay our student loan debts, and it is extremely unfair that those "in trouble" have the choice of getting their loans erased. I do not have sympathy for the women/woman discussed in the article because I have suffered 20 years of (so far) with a loan of $70,000 and I continue to chip away at it. I have no sympathy for others who have those debts--I have also done my time. Why should they be allowed to slide through because of their "hard times." Do not get me started on my hard times. I am appalled that it has now become "OK" for others to get their loans erased. And finally, you mention that one of these women has two children--that was not my choice, but hers. Thus she is awarded for inappropriate behavior. At what point do we make people responsible for their own decisions. I was also sexually abused, a victim of incest, and an alcoholic who had an alcoholic father---and I am paying my student loan because that is a contract I signed with the Dept. of Education, and I accept my responsibilities.
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 This is extremely unfair and unimaginable by Bonnie Sonnek on February 27, 2015
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