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Read a Post for Higher Order Thinking in an Online World: Toward a Theory of Web-Mediated Knowledge Synthesis
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Is Theory a Pre-Req to Observation?

Posted By: Marcina Zaccaria on July 24, 2015
When dealing with streaming video and streaming internet, reinforcement and repurposing can be everything. As the message spins out all day, it is necessary and essential to note the how. Web-mediated discussions rely less on an automatic filter and more on a moderator to steer the conversation toward the progression of knowledge to an authentic moment of insight. Computer users return to methods that have repetitive value in information seeking. The clustering of information toward synthesis has to do with repetition and perception.

But, is theory a pre-requisite to observation? Without a solid basis in theory, we donít know what we are tracking or why. My impulse is to say - leave space in the digital age. Although there are going to be falls and missteps, some of it will be solved in the next mouse click.
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 Is Theory a Pre-Req to Observation? by Marcina Zaccaria on July 24, 2015
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