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Read a Post for Common Core and Teacher Professionalism: The Case of Cursive Instruction
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And the point of the article is... ?

Posted By: Terry Palardy on September 12, 2014
Another published article on the Cursive Writing debate ~ yet...
Many words, but what is the writer's message? Aye or Nay? It's frustrating when articles like this one pretend to take a stand and choose a direction yet fail to do either one ... no wonder teachers' 'voice' is so often unheard. Explain how cursive and reading are related. Explain why bilingual education would involve cursive instruction. Explain where you stand on this great divide. Don't just re-state the debate ... advocate for one view or another. Otherwise, you're just pontificating and obscuring the importance of teacher input.
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 And the point of the article is... ? by Terry Palardy on September 12, 2014
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