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Read a Post for Religion and Education: Does the Separation Between “Church” and State Require a Separation Between Self and School?
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Great question!

Posted By: David Kester on August 5, 2013
I loved reading your essay. To many in America today the union of state and school, to the exclusion of religion, does indeed mean a separation of self and school is required for conscience's sake. I am surprised to see no discussion of religious homeschooling, and the private religious education market in your essay. What do you think of these educational realities as reactions to the secularization you describe? It is so nice to see a thoughtful engagement with this volatile issue, even if approached from a different perspective from my own. This issue typically generates more heat than light. As someone who has been interested in religion and education for many years, I share your concern. However, I do not think that a discussion as you recommend is going to actually happen, except perhaps in small communities. I remain hopeful that such a changed conversation will happen, but I am becoming increasingly less sanguine about the prospects.
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 Great question! by David Kester on August 5, 2013
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