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Why it is easy to really dislike APs and College Board

Posted By: Simon Jeynes on December 17, 2014
Not only, as the Coleman Report of 1966 concluded, is the peer group more important than the teacher for educational attainment (thus showing why the achievement gap will never close in segregated schools), but the Matthew Effect builds on top of that with the wealthy being careful not to lose their expensive advantage. This report is a predictable finding that as poor schools used AP to challenge their students and try to improve their chances of success, rich schools upped the ante and doubled the gap. In this scenario only the College Board is enriched.

As a practitioner and consultant in the private independent school industry, the reform we call for is to stop treating students like so many pounds of meat to be turned into identical sausages, but to be able to truly find the genius in each child and work with the child to let it flower. This is not namby pamby new age talk but a hard nosed look at what students will need to be successful 10 and 20 years in the future. APs and their like are not the future but a throwback to the education factory age where every thing is counted in 120 hour segments.

We cannot help poor (or rich) students by piling more of the same on their desks and further forcing them to cheat their way through high school. While it might be good for College Board and the massive corporate publishing companies, it has little relevance to the students and their teachers. Each school must find its own way to release the talents of its teachers and the genius of its students. Then, maybe, there will be 95% creativity geniuses at 15 years of age as there are at 5 years of age.

Simon Jeynes
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 Why it is easy to really dislike APs and College Board by Simon Jeynes on December 17, 2014
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