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What is a dedicated teacher?

Posted By: Jacqueline Ancess on April 27, 2013
The determination that teachers who left HCZ were not sufficiently dedicated is based on the erroneous assumptions that all-test prep-all-the time is a desirable educational approach and that standardized test scores are the single indicator of achievement. I suggest that the HCZ teachers reflected remarkable dedication in that they left the school because they objected to a harmful educational strategy which research shows is ineffective. These teachers were willing to sacrifice their employment rather than implement a harmful education program.Furthermore, one of the HCZ charters has gotten an F rating on its report card, the other has gotten a C, and the reading scores have been below the NYC average. Some neighboring district schools have done better. The best reason not to scale up HCZ is that it doesn't work even in raising students' test scores. However, Jeff Canada, whose community work has been very important, is the darling of the corporate elite education reformers, so the HCZ schools are exempt for the no excuses philosophy. The power of KIPP evaporates when students go to college--they can't seem to graduate. All that test prep does not prepare students for college success.

A more substantive definition of teacher dedication must be developed than the one used in this article. Dr. Yeh seems to have confused unquestioning compliance with dedication.
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 What is a dedicated teacher? by Jacqueline Ancess on April 27, 2013
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