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Posted By: Richard Askey on November 2, 2012
The text says there is little difference between the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and the 2000 NCTM Standards (PSSM). What about the following?
PSSM says that division of fractions can be thought of as being similar to division of
whole numbers, and division of whole numbers can be thought of as successive
subtraction. They then illustrate how to do a word problem involving division of
fractions via successive subtraction. No one has ever explained to me how to divide
1/5 by 1/3 by successive subtraction. CCSSM has a careful treatment of fractions
including explanations of how and why multiplication and division of fractions work.

I am afraid that this type of sloppy thinking might derail what is a serious attempt to
improve school mathematics education. There are a number of places where the
treatment in CCSSM is significantly different than what we have had, which includes
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 Fractions by Richard Askey on November 2, 2012
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