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Finally . . .bravery in the face of gender diversity

Posted By: Brad Skaar on August 28, 2012
I appreciate that TCR has boldly gone where no politically correct man has gone in the recent before. In a recent faculty retreat, a female administrator led discussion proudly proclaimed that diversity continues to increase in our department, citing more than 5 years of over 50% women,currently at 73%, with a steep and significant upward linear trend in increased enrollment. Commentary that diversity in such an environment is actually dramatically reduced brought silence and no response (elementary statistics class would beg such a response). Combined with a plethora of organizations that are "only for women" (example, Women in Science and Engineering) and a host of "for women only" scholarships for undergraduate women should not at all leave us surprised that men leave academia in droves It is truly a hostile environment. I will relish the lessons learned from this book and enjoy the discourse that will (should, must) now follow.
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 Finally . . .bravery in the face of gender diversity by Brad Skaar on August 28, 2012
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