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Read a Post for From “Cultural Deprivation” to Cultural Capital: The Roots and Continued Relevance of Compensatory Education
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* A vital redefinition of "cultural deprivation"

Posted By: Molly Freeman on February 7, 2014
Vital to improving the learning and achievement of "at risk" children is Reuven Feuerstein's redefinition of "cultural deprivation" .... that is to be deprived of one's own culture, not the dominant culture. The reasoning provided by Feuerstein is that cultural distinctiveness...the awareness of one's own family history and traditions, nurtures cognitive skills for adapting to new circumstances and is the basis for the development of "perspective," and the concepts of time and space that are so valuable for developing a sense of being an effective actor in one's life...

Feuerstein's instructional strategies, Instrumental Enrichment and the Learning Potential Device presumed that children at any level of performance can learn. His work totally in synch with Marcus Foster's philosophy.
And of course, schooling alone cannot be the sole source of social change... it has just been an easier sell than the economic changes needed to provide REAL equal opportunity.

Disclosure: I served on the Marcus Foster Education Board in Oakland, CA after his tragic assassination.

Molly Freeman, PhD
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 A vital redefinition of "cultural deprivation" by Molly Freeman on February 7, 2014  * 
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