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* Beware of Geeks bearing VAM

Posted By: Dick Schutz on March 9, 2012
"Value Added Measurement" is akin to the "Holy Roman Empire," The HRE was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. Only in the heads of its proponents does VAM have "value." It doesn't really "add" anything. And viewing it as "measurement" adds w whole new meaning (and not a healthy one) to the term.

The "models" involved in the equations are not instructional models, they are mathematical models that seek to control statistically what geeks think "should be" controlled but that aren't controlled in reality. The "measures" are as far removed from instructional accomplishment indicators as lead is from gold. We know how alchemy turned out, don't we. The same fate is in store for VAM.

Remember the thing about, "Do no harm"? The statistical models are not only "not good enough"; they're "bad enough."

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 Beware of Geeks bearing VAM by Dick Schutz on March 9, 2012  * 
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