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Good Diagnosis, Poor Prescription

Posted By: Dick Schutz on September 16, 2011
The analysis is persuasive, and should be read and taken to heart by every "reformer." However, the last paragraph, advocating a global exchange of "educators, local school leaders, students, and parents" with the government's role government’s role "to grant the autonomy, create the opportunity, and provide the support," comes out of the blue and does not follow from the analysis.

A domestic exchange of "educators (sic)", local school "leaders (sic)", students, and parents, would accomplish little. "Exchanges" of these groups are already going on, with student exchanges, junkets of school administrators, faculty exchanges, and parental travel. These are beneficial in and of their own right, but they have no bearing on educational capacity building. Educational capacity building is as large an endeavor as "nation building." There is applicable methodology that can be applied, but a global exchange is a weak and wishful prescription.
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 Good Diagnosis, Poor Prescription by Dick Schutz on September 16, 2011
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