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Where A Is Ordinary

Posted By: Margaret Wan on July 16, 2011
The Rojstaczer & Healy (2012) study has confirmed my observation that instructors have been too lenient in giving students the grade of "A." As adjunct professor in health services administration in a public 4-year college, I have been informed time and time again by students, "I am on the honor roll" or "I have always received an 'A' in this program." More often than not, these students end up in my courses with a "B" because they do not meet my rigorous standards. I believe that at least two reasons contribute to the leniency in grading on the part of individual instructors. The first is to gain "customer satisfaction" as they will be evaluated by the students at the end of the course. Many instructors refrain from telling their "customers" the latter are wrong. The second reason, unfortunately, is the decline in instructors' work ethics as in the general work force (e.g., inattention to details when grading student assignments) and lack of knowledge (e.g., if they did not learn the correct grammar in their own education, they cannot apply the correct mechanics of writing to their students' work). I hope more research will be done in these areas in future.
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 Where A Is Ordinary by Margaret Wan on July 16, 2011
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