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Read a Post for How Teachers and Schools Contribute to Racial Differences in the Realization of Academic Potential
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* When All Is Said and Done

Posted By: Dick Schutz on August 9, 2011
The study did a lot. It played Hierarchical Linear Analysis the way it is supposed to be played.

The study says very little. It yielded two policy recommendations:

"Programs that focus on relationships between teachers and African American students seem a promising avenue for increasing the fulfillment of African American students’ potential. . ."

". . .redoubling our efforts to fight the resegregation of America’s schools is an important piece of making sure that African American students realize their academic potential. . ."

Each of the recommendations could have been made without the study, and the study provides no clues re how to implement the recommendations.

So when all is said and done, the study leaves us right at the place we started.
The fault is in the methodology, not in the investigator.

Dick Schutz
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 When All Is Said and Done by Dick Schutz on August 9, 2011  * 
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