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Read a Post for Why Teacher Quality is a Local Issue (And Why Race to the Top is a Misguided Flop)
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Teacher Quality-oorah

Posted By: joan ferrato on August 13, 2010
Of all the articles posted, this particular one struck a nerve. This new Administration is dangling money and asking educators to jump through hoops to "win" the Race to the Top money. I find it appalling that the Federal Government now has their hand where it has no business being. As educators, how can one believe that States sharing a common system of standards, a common series of state tests, and a common set of text books can produce smarter children. It is up to the caring and intuitive teachers to reach each child, no matter how difficult the situation may be, and as the author of this article stresses: location, time, and circumstances play a huge role in education. The Federal government has not considered the influence a school's culture has on teaching and learning. There is not a book, test, nor wording of state standards that can address these issues. Only a teacher can.

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 Teacher Quality-oorah by joan ferrato on August 13, 2010
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