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Read a Post for Why Teacher Quality is a Local Issue (And Why Race to the Top is a Misguided Flop)
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brilliant contrast of the "iron cage of modernity" contrasted with the humane and organic anthropological approach

Posted By: John Watkins on August 13, 2010
Thanks. As a long time believer in the worldview that Geertz articulates, and also a student of Eleanor Duckworth's constructivism, I am really happy to see someone articulate the interconnections of these ways of seeing learning and human beings, in contrast to the ways that the Federal Government has been seeing them. It seems to me to be a war of worldviews we are fighting, with the government on the side of the death throes of the modernist idea that we can measure, predict, and control everything, a reductio ad absurdem of the Enlightenment view of universal generalizable knowledge that has held sway over us for too long. On the "other side" are those of us who see a new way of living coming along, that is based on some very fundamentally different ways of seeing humanity and learning and the organization of our lives. Many of us with years of experience working in the field of educational improvement would love to offer our services to help build schools that are local humane centers of learning, technologically rich and innovative, embedded in communities, that celebrate the immense diversity of ways that kids learn, and enable them to see themselves as empowered agents of their own learning and of societal transformation, and help them to be happy and productive citizens in a global human society that is ecologically sustainable; will the government certify us to do that (instead of authorizing poorly qualified organizations, as mentioned in the NYTimes last week, who are clamoring for the RTTT $$$ to develop more “iron cage of modernity” lock step bureaucratic control schemes that have nothing to do with real learning)? What would it take to completely rethink education from the ground up so it really is appropriate for the 21st century?
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 brilliant contrast of the "iron cage of modernity" contrasted with the humane and organic anthropological approach by John Watkins on August 13, 2010
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