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Posted By: Gwynne Ash on March 16, 2010
The SAT formula predicted my undergraduate GPA at a small, private liberal arts school exactly. I earned a BA in the humanities (English), but I was a biology major until my junior year. I understand that is not the purpose of the formula, but I found it fascinating.

I do have some questions that might be addressed in future research:

1) What effect does changing majors have on overall GPAs?
2) Are there variations in how schools' common or core curricula may affect overall all GPAs? For example in small liberal arts schools, there is usually high-hour core curriculum; in large public institutions, that often varies by major (providing even more variability).
3) Do graduate schools really view GPAs equally, regardless of where it is earned? I suspect that location of undergraduate study exerts a degree of influence that might be difficult to measure.

Thanks for the information on which to ruminate, however!
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 Fascinating by Gwynne Ash on March 16, 2010
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