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Was there a time when we could have said "no"?

Posted By: Dick Schutz on February 9, 2010
What Burch and Saltman describe is pretty much out in the open. What the public has yet to catch on to is that the Progressive agenda, the NeoLiberal agenda, the NeoConservative agenda, and the oligarchic Corporate agenda for education all coincide.

Saltman says, "What the teachers’ unions, education scholars, teachers, and everyone concerned about strengthening public education has to grasp is that as long as the framing of educational quality remains trapped within the current frame of allegedly neutral and allegedly objective quantifiable “student achievement,” public education stands to be dismantled as these mistaken valuations of learning are inextricably bound up with the anti-democratic concentration of governance, ownership, and control that come with privatization."

It's hard to be opposed to "student achievement." But "achievement" is being defined in terms of arbitrarily-set cut scores on ungrounded statistical scales derived from tests that are sensitive to SES but not to instructional differences. The tests shed no light on the instruction students have received or their future instructional options.

The "five steps" Saltman proposes are sensible, but reason and a few bucks will buy you a cup of coffee to drink while watching The Race to the Top.

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 Was there a time when we could have said "no"? by Dick Schutz on February 9, 2010
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