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Long history of instruction in listening

Posted By: Barbara Lieb on August 10, 2012
I am happy to see some attention by those in education research to
the skills of listening. Both my masters and doctoral research in the
60's were in this area ( Brilhart, B. (1970). “Relationships of Speaker-Message Perception to Per¬ceptual Field - Independence." Journal of Communication . 20. Brilhart, B. (1969) and
Lieb, B. (March 1965). “The Relationship between Some Aspects of Com¬municative Speaking and Communicative Listening." Journal of Commu¬nication. See also texts by Andrew Wolvin on listening. There
are a multitude of college texts on interpersonal communication, most containing instructional information on "listening" and addressing behaviors in "emotional" listening. Indeed we can teach listeners to be aware of their biases in listening and I certainly teach this in my communication courses for teachers. I am now incorporating the material from the area of "emotional intelligence " into instructionn in listening and interpersonal communication. I have tried for years to bridge the gaps between my fields of communication (organizational and interpersonal) and those of education but the chasm on the education side seems to widen evermore. Many resources can be found at the website of the National Communication Association www.natcom.org
Barbara Lieb (aka Barbara Lieb-Brilhart)
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 Long history of instruction in listening by Barbara Lieb on August 10, 2012
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