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Responding to Your Post on Synchronicity Awareness Intervention

Posted By: Gibbs Williams on January 3, 2010
Interest in investigating the nature and use of synchronicities is exploding. The results of my 50 year investigation of the perplexities associated with synchronicities indicates that they are neither random events nor are they fated. Rather they are able to be scientifically studied utilizing a method I refer to as contextual analysis. My conclusions are, they - at least for the types of synchronicities I have researched both personally and professionally as a psychoanalyst for the past 45 years - are self "coded messages" generated by one's self indicating that an adequate solution for a seemingly un solvable dilemma has been realized.

Successful problem resolution is the result of a person igniting their unique creative process in the service of accommodating a creative solution. A given synchronicity is a marker that a creative solution has been realized. This realization is pre conscious (coded) and must be interpreted treating the synchronicity like a waking dream.

My findings, resulting in an original theory of synchronicities may be viewed in my forth coming book called: DEMYSTIFYING MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES:
The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process.
(see Amazon)

Although my theory "robs" the mysterious, uncanny numinosity generally associated with the awe response - in my opinion throws light on the wondrous creative capacities each of us has for making meaningful connections with ourselves, our work, and with others.

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 Responding to Your Post on Synchronicity Awareness Intervention by Gibbs Williams on January 3, 2010
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