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Transfer Function of the CC

Posted By: Keith Kroll on October 9, 2009
There are a lot of ideas in this essay with which I disagree. Most significantly, I think of education as much more than job training.

I also think a close look at the history of community colleges refutes the claim that "Historically, the primary mission of community colleges was the transfer function: preparing students to move on to four-year colleges. "

Except for the very, very early years of the "junior college" when it took on the lower-division coursework of universities, community colleges have never, finally, been primarily about the transfer function. Community college leaders, community college organizations, and politicians have always promoted the community college as a place for vocational/occupational ("terminal") education.

The Obama administration's AGI (despite its title) continues the tradition of seeing community colleges as a "trade school" whose main function is to provide job training in order to produce workers. Very little talk is given to the notion of critical literacy and citizenship. In fact, the AGI may mark the end of the collegiate function of the community college.

The last thing I would ever want community colleges to model themselves after are the for-profits. But, sadly, that now seems to be the case.
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 Transfer Function of the CC by Keith Kroll on October 9, 2009
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