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Follow up questions about this

Posted By: Dale Whittington on January 13, 2012
1. How was self-esteem measured? Since this variable has multiple definitions and ways to be measured, that result is murky. By 7th grade, kids have begun to get specialized in terms of self-esteem. so there is a big difference between some kind of global measure and measures of self-esteem about self as learner in general and measures of self-esteem as a learner of mathematics.

2. It is not clear whether all students in the study took math in the senior year. Depending on the credit requirements, some may not have had to take a math course their senior year, In such a case, that, rather than or in addition to the senior slump, may explain the results.
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 Follow up questions about this by Dale Whittington on January 13, 2012
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