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Lower Class Culture

Posted By: Jeffrey P Rush on June 9, 2009
Back in the 60s, Albert Cohen suggested that there was a distinct lower class culture and this helped to contribute to criminality.

Walter Millers suggested that juveniles were measured (educationally) to the middle class measuring rod and thus by implication the middle class was different from the lower and upper classes.

There's no question the upper class is different from the other classes. Those in that class tend to act differently, talk differently seem themselves, differently, etc.

Why then would those in poverty not be different from those not in poverty? Look at who commits most crime? Who are the juvenile delinquents? What to the stats say regarding test scores? Regarding who ends up in alternative schools the most? Check out GPAs, the list goes on.

All children are not equal, indeed all people are not equal. Equality generally ends at birth (if not in the womb). To suggest otherwise is fallacious.

While all juveniles deserve the best of the teacher each class, to presume that all students in that class are the same is . . . well . . . just absurd.
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 Lower Class Culture by Jeffrey P Rush on June 9, 2009
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