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Nice Work If You Can Get It

Posted By: Dick Schutz on May 13, 2009
"the reader comes away with a sense that more local input is needed and that a basic level of psychometric literacy is necessary to ensure the proper design and use of tests and their results."

Ah. And how are we going to achieve that?

"The volume lacks a conclusion that unifies the lines of argument presented in the individual chapters."

The review follows the lead of the book!

Don't get me wrong. The review was strong enough to convince me to buy the book. And I'm confident I'll learn a thing or 2, plus, from reading it. But expounding "The Nature and Limits of Standards-Based Reform and Assessment" buys into the fallacy that there has been any "reform" and that the "assessment" can be accepted at face value. "Defending Public Schools" against trumped up rhetoric is a feckless endeavor.

As long as the only "accountability" is at the school site level, the public school enterprise will remain vulnerable. There is enough variability in the enterprise to "support" any contention one cares to make about the enterprise.

There is methodology for achieving educational "change we can believe in."
But the unaccountables at the top of the enterprise are thriving under the status quo.
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 Nice Work If You Can Get It by Dick Schutz on May 13, 2009
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