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cheating on exams

Posted By: kate meehan on April 1, 2009
The cheating problem I have occurs in the classroom during exams. In spite of my best efforts, I know that students cheat and sometimes I catch them. Whether it is hiding information somewhere in clothing or on his or her body, or copying from a fellow student, I find it distressing. In addition to discussing the ethical and moral issues related to cheating (I teach accounting) I have a section on my syllabus on cheating and I discuss it before every exam, but it still happens.
I employ a zero tolerance policy (they receive a zero on the exam) and I report them to the Dean of Student Services in case it later becomes an issue. After they are through claiming they were not cheating, sometimes students claim they were merely helping a friend in need.
I see a difference between this cheating and the plagiarism discussed in the article, but is it? I do not see that this might be a "mistake" or "sloppiness"--it is an affirmative action.
Ethics issue or educational issue, or both?
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 cheating on exams by kate meehan on April 1, 2009
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