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Ready. Fire. Aim!

Posted By: Dick Schutz on February 25, 2009
"The challenge of applying these insights to a new set of empirical investigations on the consequences of choice reforms, however, remains."

That pretty well says it. "Choice" is a code word for exercising political power at the school level. "Reform" is a code word for wishful "improvement."

Choice + Reform = Verbal Vapor

As a "loosely coupled system" el-hi can run on rhetoric. Because some students learn without any instruction, and some learn despite mal-instruction. the enterprise takes credit for the "placebos" and blames "deficits" of students, families, or "society" for the failures.

A few quick "thought experiments" are needed.
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 Ready. Fire. Aim! by Dick Schutz on February 25, 2009
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