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Metacognition and...

Posted By: Marcus Anthony on May 21, 2011
Self-reflection and metacognition are important. They help students become more self-aware, independent and empowered. These are things that will serve them well beyond their school lives.

I have to say though, that metacognition is not enough if we are really serious about using education as a self-transformative process, as well as helping to build better and more wise societies. I believe we have to teach mindfulness and embodiment - making time for simple self awareness of the mind in relation to the body, and the psyche. In turn this opens up the experience of being fully present in the now. This is not hard to do. The processes are very simple. However few teachers or administrators have any understanding of it, nor do they see the value in it. In fact if all human beings were completely present where they actually are, human psychological projection would cease, and the source of all human conflict would vanish. This is essentially developing the spiritual domain of human experience. Sadly, jamming more data and IT skills down students throats only makes mindfulness less likely.

Thinking about thinking is still thinking. It is still creating talking heads who are cut off from the deeper psyche, the body and the now. Metacognition without mindfulness is still a dog chasing its tail.

If I were to prioritise curriculum foci in terms of importance, I'd have it something like this:

The 3 Rs
Liberal education/critical thinking
Career training, including IT
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 Metacognition and... by Marcus Anthony on May 21, 2011
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