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Outliers At the Bottom--Beyond HS Grad Rate & NCLB

Posted By: Dick Schutz on February 10, 2009
The article demonstrates that a lot more has to be done to fix US high schools than to raise graduation rate--and to teach all kids to read. When the "no show" college rate and the "first-year college failure" are combined there is still a lot of dysfunction to be eliminated.

Although the study is more "anecdotal" than "ethnographic," it is informative. The two schools are outliers in two respects. They have a high proportion of poor and ethnic minority kids which puts them at the bottom. But they get a high proportion of the kids admitted to college.

The authors are mute and how to get it to "work differently." It seems clear to me that the high school senior year is too late to address the matter and that college admission practices warrant radical modification. But that's just off the top of the head and from a long distance away. The authors were boots on the ground. I'd like to hear their views on how it "should work."
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 Outliers At the Bottom--Beyond HS Grad Rate & NCLB by Dick Schutz on February 10, 2009
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