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Intellectual Phony's and Racial indifference taught at Columbia

Posted By: Ricardo Jones on December 9, 2012
I'am not a professor nor a college graduate. I'am a self taught indivdual with world-wide knowledge and experiences. In my tavels and life i've meet a few former graduates of Columbia. Later in life i've had the oppertunity to be involved with 2 Professors from Columbia. One was a Columbia graduate and the other a non-Columbia graduate. I've spoken to a number of former students. The President (Obama) attended Columbia too.

The reason why i'am write this line is there's a serious problem at Columbia. Brian washing of minorities and others is going on at Columbia. Black's and Mixed Black's ie: Bi-Racial's are and have been turned against their Black culture by Columbia. The Noose incident at Columbia is a prime example of what happens to anyone who's Black or part Black and supports their Blackness and/or culture.

A Black professor reported discrimination and became a coward later because she was afraid to loose her position. She then stopped believeing in Civil Rights period. This professor teacher shapes the mines of to be teachers. And what is her position on fairness and Civil Right for all at least at Columbia, acceptance of bias and indifference. The President has the same frame of mind.

I've also spoke to a student (Black) of Columbia who stated Columbia is against Black Culture and the professors reflect that. She stated there's a few who try to support Black culture and honor but the White students attack the professor for there dignity. Stated many Black professors over identify with their Blackness and are forced out. Many Black professors have been removed from Columbia based on Race discrimination. This has created a climate of racial fear amd denial at Columbia.

The one Black professor at Columbia who i'am was most proud of isn't afraid of her Blackness. The other so-called Black professor and/or mixed bi-racial i'am very ashamed of to even call themselves Black at all. Being Black is a state of mind and soul. Skin color doesn't mean anything to most Black's. This is because of racial mixing cause by Loving relationship and salvery. Cowards hurt our Race the most. Black cowards like the ones I refer to above recieve the most praise and unearned honors.

Columbia seats in Harlem but is a separate white bastion and school of racial indifference.

Columbia is creating a world similar to NAZI Germany of the 1930's to 1946. Hitlerism taught by and fostered at Columbia University.

Ricardo E. Jones Sr., Former Senior Federal Investigator EEOC-NYDO and Whistleblower against the corruption at the EEOC and this adminstration (Obama).

Power of the People!
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 Intellectual Phony's and Racial indifference taught at Columbia by Ricardo Jones on December 9, 2012
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