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Listen up, President Obama

Posted By: Dick Schutz on February 6, 2009
If the Obama administration naively continues to promote "Charter Schools"
without heeding Miron's warnings, they're headed for the rocks.

What struck me in reading the analysis that what makes sense for schools is not a function of whether the school has a "charter." It's all financed out of the same public pot and a school is a school. The differences in schools, private or charter, today is a function of "selection" of either school personnel or student cadres. The rest is rhetoric.

It seems to me that the "movement" could be made honest by requiring applicants to have a simple "business plan" that addresses three questions:

--What things is the School going to do differently?
--How is the school going to transparently demonstrate the benefits of these differences?
--When and how will the projected benefits be reported?

If no benefits are reported within 3 years, the school would be closed within the next two years.

The thing is, as the experience of the last 50 years shows, improving el-hi schools in any way that can be replicated is not an easy matter. What charter schools in the aggregate have delivered to date is more criminals running them.
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 Listen up, President Obama by Dick Schutz on February 6, 2009
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