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SAT Subject tests

Posted By: Patrick Mattimore on January 23, 2009
It is interesting that Mr. Bunin does not once mention SAT Subject tests which have at least as high a predictive validity as the SAT I and are a much fairer measure of what students should have been learning in high school. Unlike the SAT I, which is an aptitude (or intelligence) test, the SAT Subject tests are achievement tests. When the SAT I is added to HSGPA and SAT Subject tests it adds virtually nothing in predictive validity to the other two measures. Mr. Bunin is correct that colleges need a standardized measure independent of high school grades by which to measure students applying to competitive colleges. However, the fairest measures by which to compare applicants are a battery of achievement tests designed to assess what students have learned.
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 SAT Subject tests by Patrick Mattimore on January 23, 2009
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