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Unfair Analysis

Posted By: Patrick Mattimore on January 13, 2009
Beginning with the incorrect copyright date of "The Bell Curve" in the first paragraph, Mr. Carnevale's analysis descends. Murray does suggest that too many people go to college and based on the numbers of students who take remedial classes in college, that's not an altogether bad conclusion.
But what's most troubling about Mr. Carnevale's faulty analysis, is that he relies on attacking Murray as a classist (in much the same way as critics of "The Bell Curve" called Murray a racist rather than openly debate his ideas). What Murray has suggested is that we may be trying too hard to squeeze all our students into college boxes when, in fact, some of those children might be better suited to doing other things. As Murray asks. wouldn't someone be better off (and better compensated) to be in the top 10% of plumbers than a mediocre manager?
Forget liberal and conservative labels-they confuse the issue. Murray is merely suggesting that we need to rethink some of our assumptions about American education beginning with our idea that everyone should be going to college.
No one reading Mr. Carnevale's analysis should believe he has given Murray a fair shake. It would be much better to read the very short book (can be read in a couple of hours) for yourself.
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 Unfair Analysis by Patrick Mattimore on January 13, 2009
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